White Widow Glass Tasters


Quantity :0.25g
Minimum Order : 30 Pieces
Hybrid CBD:: 0.02% THC: 8%-11%
White Widow Glass Tasters from Supreme are a great way to try this potent strain that has been reported to have powerful energizing effects, which have been reported by users to help with treatment of fatigue, stress anddepression. It is a cross between Brazilian indica and South Indian sativa strains


This strain is very distinguishable, and you can recognize it by its chunky, conical, and tapered structure. The shape owes a lot more to sativa strains than Indica, which is evident in its loose and fluffy texture. When grown successfully, they are recognizable by their long-stalked trichomes. The smell can be sweet, sugary, but also has an underlying bitter aroma which just hints at its potency


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