Tangie Shatter


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Tangie Shatter



Tangie Shatter is Sativa-dominant cannabis strain – 70 percent Sativa and 30 percent Indica.


This strain pays tribute to Tangerine Dream, a popular strain back in the day (1995). It is a cross between a Skunk strain and California Orange. The THC level is 19 to 22 percent and the CBD level is 0.09 percent. This strain wins over and over again at the Cannabis Cups – one time winning 10 prizes in 10 months. With its citrus heritage, Tangie Shatter has a refreshingly sweet aroma like tangerines (except for some Skunk scent and taste due to its lineage,) distinguishing it from the other citrusy or fruity strains, mostly lemon or grape. The light green buds are small and compact, have orange hairs, and are covered by frosty trichomes.


Heavily influenced by Sativa, Tangie gives recreational users the uplifting effects they are looking for. Cerebral characteristics include euphoria, creativity, focus, and happiness. The THC level is above average making it more suitable for the intermediate or advanced user.


For medical users, the herb is versatile due to its balanced nature.


Try it for its sedative effect that may alleviate pain, stress, depression, and insomnia. Some have reported that it is a good munchie herb; use it for digestive problems, lack of appetite, and nausea. Side effects of dry mouth and bloodshot eyes are typical for cannabis products. Due to the low CBD content, try a CBD-rich strain instead of serious medical disorders.


Because of its height needs and other considerations, the breeder recommends growing Tangie outside and you will have super resinous herb on your hands in late September or early October. Use the SCROG method of growing and/or liberally top the plants to make a bushy shape that produces better. If you are growing indoors, use soil and not hydroponics.


The Following is Real feedback from people who have used this product and reported back their thoughts and feelings.  We hope this helps you in choosing the right product suited for your medical or personal needs.


Feelings                                Helps With

Happy 50%                             Pain 13%

Uplifted 47%                           Fatigue 13%

Energetic 41%                       Anxiety 19%

Euphoric 38%                        Depression 24%

Creative 34%                          Stress 25%


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