Purple Kush Indica Strain


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Purple Kush Indica Strain

Indica 100%


Also known as “Purple Hindu Kush”, Purple Kush Indica Strain is a pure Indica that sets itself apart from other Indica hybrids with its eye-catching colours and pleasant taste. It’s a purple-tinged variety of Afghani. With 100% Indica genetics, it provides a slow and relaxing full body stone. Named a Top 10 Kush Strain by High Times magazine in 2016,


Afghani, Purple Kush also has a very high capacity to create sticky resin. 


This makes Purple Kush Indica valuable in the production of hash and other concentrates. The tightly-curled flowers are covered in trichomes, giving the green and purple leaves a dewy white sheen. Orange pistils, intended to catch pollen from male plants, stand out against the already-colourful flowers.


Purple Kush eases you straight into physical relaxation.


Although there may be some mental effects, they have more of a psychedelic, distorted nature than a cerebral one. Smokers may appreciate the calming effects of music or of tactile surroundings. Rather than stimulate hyperactive thoughts and sharp focus, however, this Indica strain is more likely to bring about a state of dopey contentedness. The perma-smile and heavy body stone that come with Purple Kush definitely call for nighttime enjoyment of this Indica knockout.


Purple Kush can also effective as a medication. Its powerfully sedative effects can blunt some symptoms of anxiety and depression. It can also be surprisingly effective in relieving pain — both situational, like the aches that set in after a workout, or chronic, like the nerve-related pain that comes with cancer or fibromyalgia.


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In large enough doses, Purple Kush is also a great way to treat entrenched insomnia.


The Following is Real feedback from people who have used this product and reported back their thoughts and feelings.  We hope this helps you in choosing the right product suited for your medical or personal needs.



Common Uses Typical Feelings
Nausea 2/10 Euphoric 10/10
Pain 10/10 Sedated 8/10
Insomnia 8/10 Cotton Mouth 2/10
Anxiety 6/10 Sleepy 4/10
Depressed4/10 Relaxed6/10


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